Gold Rush, Royal Gorge, CA

It looks like a snowy one.

Forecast is as follows:
Saturday night snow is probable. Low temp of 24F. Sunday start time temp of 25F. Possibility of snow. Humidity 89%.

I would take a pair of medium to softer flex warm base skis with a medium grind. Clean the base with a hot scrape of Solda F15 yellow. Follow up with a layer of Solda F31 Pink. Next a layer of F40 Red. Finish with Solda Fluor 100. You could use Powerjet 1. It can be applied in a couple of ways. One is to crayon on a layer and cork it in. You could use a roto-cork or Solda cork brush. Then apply the Fluor 100 powder and iron it in. An alternative method is to apply the Powerjet 1 over the ironed in Fluor 100. Iron it in, light scrape and bursh well. I prefer the first method. You might want to apply an medium interupted structure after waxing. Brush well again.

Have a good one.


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2 Responses to Gold Rush, Royal Gorge, CA

  1. Rick Mitchell says:

    What iron temperature would you iron in the PowerJet 1. How many passes with the iron? Are there specfic brushing techniques after its ironed in?

  2. Rick Mitchell says:

    What iron temperature should be used to iron in the PowerJet 1?How many passes with the iron?Specific brushing techniques?

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