2016 Birkie Solda Fluoro Powders Test

Friday: 3:pm at Birkie Ridge
Weather: rain, fog, air +2C, snow -0.1C.
Snow: Old, dirty, but holding together at the test site at Birkie Ridge.
Grooming plan: rumor has it that they will wait until the coldest part of the night and till as deeply as they can bringing up the coldest, oldest snow from the bottom and mixing it with what is here on top now.
Nimageo big surprises with the Solda powders. The winner was good old Solda Fluor 100. A close second was the new HP04 Carbon with regular HP04 third. HP05 Carbon next followed by HP05 and last was the new Marathon Fluor that is for cold, abrasive snow. I had one ski with the paraffin winner, Solda F40 Carbon Yellow and it tested very well, nearly as fast as the HP04 Carbon. If you wanted to save some time and money and are not excited about burning powders, go with a couple layers of the F40 Carbon Yellow. The advantage of the Fluor 100 is in dirt repelency and durability. That will insure a cleaner ski base longer into the race and that is important with the current condition.
Structures: I tested 4 structures and the winner in this snow was the Finite Tool V05 the whole length of the ski. My guess is that will also work tomorrow. It the snow sugars up then I would consider a .04 linear over it.
So, the final word on the glide wax is :
Solda HC28 scraped and brushed.
S30 powder ironed, and scraped while still warm.
Paraffin is Solda F40 Carbon Yellow, maybe a couple layers.
Top with Solda Fluor 100.
Structure with Finite Tool V05.
Have a great race.
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