2016 Cascade Crest Wax Recommendation

Looks like SNOW!


The Cascade Crest Ski Marathon and Relay race is this Saturday at Mt Bachelor. Luckily, it is still very much Winter here in Bend. It looks like we are supposed to be getting snow from now until race day. Friday night’s low is supposed to be about 30deg, with a race day high of 33deg. Expect soft conditions. It will be a winter wonderland!

Here is our wax recommendation:

Iron in a base layer of Solda HC28   (If you are skiing the whole 50km, we would recommend adding some Solda S-30 to help harden the base and increase the durability of your wax job). Scrape and Brush.

Apply a layer of Solda F31 Pink (designed specifically for new snow). F15 Pink will also work, but is less fluorinated. Scrape and Brush.

Apply Solda Fluor 100 as your top coat. Iron in. Cork and Brush.

Remember, WebCyclery/WebSkis’ end of season sale is on now! All ski stuff, including SOLDA wax, is now on sale (even though we have 2-3 months left of great skiing).

Have a great race!

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